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סטודיו desiRing, סטודיו תל אביבי לעיצוב פנים, נוסד על-ידי המעצבת שני רינג, בוגרת לימודי עיצוב פנים מטעם הטכניון.

שני בעלת נסיון בעיצוב מסעדות, משרדים, בתים ודירות בכל אזור המרכז.
בפורטפוליו תוכלו לראות מגוון פרוייקטים של הסטודיו, ולהבחין בטביעת האצבע הייחודית של שני, המשלבת ישן עם חדש, גבוה עם נמוך, ערבוב של חומרים וטקסטורות, ובעיקר שימוש נועז בצבע להדגשת והחייאת החלל.

desiRing studio, a Tel-Avivian interior design studio, established by designer Shani Ring, graduate of the interior design studies at the Technion institute.

Shani has experience in designing restaurants, offices, houses and apartments.
You're invited to take a look at the portfolio section, and see a variety of projects of the studio, and notice Shani's unique fingerprint, which combines old with new, high and low, mixed materials and textures, and above all - the bold use of colour to highlight and revive any space.

Tel: 050-3292000
E-mail: shani.ring@gmail.com

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The desiRing Process

As a first step, after receiving the plan of the space, I transform it into 3D.
Using the 3D model, I start the planning process, according to the clients needs and specifications.

Each project is given a concept, drawn from it’s context – whether it is a small cafe, a high-tech company or an urban loft.
A presentation is generated from the 3D model, and allows the client to see the different planning options from different angles and perceive the optional space in the fullest way.
The concept is shown visually through colour schemes and inspiration pictures.

Once decided upon the ideal option, it is time for sketching. A full set of plans is made by me, in order to receive accurate price offers from contractors.

And now, for the best part! Let us start and choose the colour scheme, furniture, the kitchen design, wall coverings, doors and what not!
I’ll make it all work together, down to the details – that small special frame you have for years and was just waiting for it’s perfect place.

We’ve reached the final and most important part – the actual completion of the project.
I’ll be there, in direct contact with the contractor, to make sure the tiles are set according to plan, the walls are built as planned and any other detail that should be taken care of.

Design Services

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Nowadays your office is practically your second home, and as such, it should have a forethought inviting design, that takes into account the workers needs and comfort.
Furthermore, a well designed office functions as a natural complimentary continuation of the companys' branding, strengthening it's DNA!

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You deserve your dream home, no matter how small or big, crazy or calm!
Together, we can transform all of your dreams into one reality, in the form of a beautiful house you'll be proud to call home.
Let me make this magic happen in your house too!

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Yes, the food and service at your restaurant must be nothing less than perfect, but the atmosphere in which your customers dine must be as inviting and as mouthwatering too!
With fine detailed and unique interior design, I can make any space feel cozy and stimulating, a space that your customers will want to come back to.

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Tel: 050-3292000
E-mail: shani.ring@gmail.com

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