Concept March 20, 2014

Each project is given a concept, drawn from it’s context – whether it is a small cafe, a high-tech company or an urban loft. A presentation is generated from the 3D model, and allows the client to see the different planning options from different angles and perceive the optional space in the fullest way. The concept is shown visually through colour schemes and inspiration pictures.

Sketching March 20, 2014

Once decided upon the ideal option, it is time for sketching. A full set of plans is made by me, in order to receive accurate price offers from contractors.

Styling March 20, 2014

And now, for the best part! Let us start and choose the colour scheme, furniture, the kitchen design, wall coverings, doors and what not! I’ll make it all work together, down to the details – that small special frame you have for years and was just waiting for it’s perfect place.


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