Magic from Within

The outcome of this project felt like a dream come true. Mixture of colors, textures and delicate details. 

ramat gan_001 ramat gan_002 ramat gan_003 ramat gan_004 ramat gan_005 ramat gan_006 ramat gan_007 ramat gan_008 ramat gan_009 ramat gan_010 ramat gan_011 ramat gan_012 ramat gan_013 ramat gan_014 ramat gan_015 ramat gan_016 ramat gan_017 ramat gan_018 ramat gan_019 ramat gan_020 ramat gan_021 ramat gan_022 ramat gan_023 ramat gan_024 ramat gan_025 ramat gan_026 ramat gan_027 ramat gan_028 ramat gan_029 ramat gan_030 ramat gan_031 ramat gan_035 ramat gan_036 ramat gan_037 ramat gan_038 ramat gan_039 ramat gan_040 ramat gan_041 ramat gan_042 ramat gan_043 ramat gan_044 ramat gan_045 ramat gan_046 ramat gan_047 ramat gan_048 ramat gan_049 ramat gan_050


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