Kazoku Restaurant

Darkness Vs. Brightness, Yakuza tattoos and much more at this Asian restaurant.

Kazoku is an Asian restaurant, located in the north of Tel Aviv. The restaurant offers a fusion of different Asian cuisins from Japan, Cambodia, China and Vietnam.

The restaurant consists of two floors, which work together as a whole.
The upper floor, at the street level, is bright, yet warm, acts as a restaurant, while the lower floor, at the basement is dark, with black walls, and act as a bar.

Both floors have wide wooden tattooed pillars, inspired by the well known Yakuza tattoos – Japaneese fish, Samurai, Geisha and a dragon wrapped around all four sides of the pillar in the middle of the bar downstairs.
The dragon skin appears again on the long wall at the bar, made of over a thousand laser cut pieces of tin, that were installed one by one.
The upper floors receives a somewhat homey feeling with long bamboo canes, installed on the ceiling and continue on the walls.
Kazoku was the hereditary peerage of the Empire of Japan that existed between 1869 and 1947, thus the name implies of the ambience that the owners were looking to achieve through the design – they would want their guests to feel part of their family.


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